Alexander Cortez


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1740 masl




Pitalito, Huila


Caturra, Castillo




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Production in Colombian is very much dominated by small holders that band together into Cooperatives and growers associations. This means the vast majority of coffee in Colombia comes in big lots that contains coffee from many growers. This is further complicated by the fact that the majority of coffee is processed on the farm by the producers. Depending on the mind set and skill of the individual producer you may have great coffee being mixed with average coffee. Furthermore it is common to get variance in humidity level and bean density which can impact the overall quality of the lot. While many of these co-op lots are of extremely high quality it has been the mission of the specialty industry to isolate and separate the coffee from the very best producers.

We have selected this coffee from the Municipality of Pitalito, in the south of Huila, an area which is known for its ability to produce excellent coffees with interesting and vibrant cup profiles. The altitude of 1740 masl and fertile soils, combined with annual rainfall of between 1200 and 1500mm allow perfect conditions for coffee to grow.