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1100 - 1200 masl




Sul De Minas Gerais


Yellow and Red Catuai, Mundo Novo and Acaia


MULTIPLE producers


May - September


August - FebRUARY

Located in Mantiqueira de Minas these farms are blessed with high altitudes and rich soils. The region is comprised of 7000 coffee growers with an annual output of 1 million bags. Coffees we can access.  In 2011, Serra De Mantiquiera became the first region to obtain the Geographical Indication seal for coffee, which indicates that coffees produced in this region have unique qualities and features that are essentially attributed to their origin

The AMECAFE Women’s producer group have now been established for their second harvest, first coming together in 2017. This group is formed of 50 members who meet on a monthly basis to share knowledge and educate each other about coffee production. They want to empower each other and their families by improving the quality of their lives through coffee. This coffee has been blended together from 8 different farms ranging from 4 – 90 ha in size. This coffee has been cupped and blended at origin making sure of high quality specialty coffee.

With his coffee we are also supporting the group by adding a 10c/lb premium to the coffee to help fund the building of a cupping lab for the group to advance their knowledge and understanding of the coffee they produce.

During the harvest the coffees is collected manually before being placed on the patios for between 7 – 10 days until the coffee reached below 11% moisture. The coffee is turned every 2-3 hours during the day to ensure an even drying.