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1300-1500 masl


Giling Basah


Atu Lintang District, Aceh


Tim Tim


Various smallholders


Main Harvest - October to December



In the regency of Aceh at northern end of the Island of Sumatra is the district of Atu Lintang at altitudes of 1300 -1500 masl.

This is a farmer group who we bought from for the first time this year which is made up of 600 farmers in the Atu Lintang district who contribute to this lot. As well as growing coffee the farmers also grow vegetables and fruits to eat or sell at local markets. Usually there are two harvests a year with coffee fridt being picked in the main harvest from October - December and then again from March - May as part of the fly crop.

The farmers here pick the cherry which is then collected and taken to a local central processing unit that initially was used for washed coffees. Unusual for Sumatra the coffee is not processed by lots of small producers and then collected but processed as one which is why i think this coffee has such good uniformity and clarity compared to other coffees from this region.

The coffee is depulped and then runs through grading channels where the loating beans are removed. From here it is the left to ferment overnight in tanks in water for approximately 12 hours. After this the coffee is then laid out on a patio in the sun for a day until it reaches about 40% moisture content (gabah - known locally). From here it then undergoes the wet hulling and removal of teh parchment which is said to give the deep blue/green colour of the coffee and squasehd bean appearance. After this the coffee is then dries again until 13% moisture for a further 4-5 days.

After this the coffees then rest before being put through gravity tables and hand picked twice and packed ready for export from the town of Takengon in Aceh.