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1150 masl




Illicnea, Sul De Minas, Minas Gerais


Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo


Helder Chagas


May - Sept


August - February

There has been a long history of coffee production in Sul de Minas part of Minas Gerais state. The rolling hills, altitude and climate provide the perfect conditions for coffee to be grown here proving sweet and balanced coffees. Fazenda Campo de Aviação has been in the Chagas family since 1920 when Helder’s father, Francisco Ademar Reis first bought the land and had tehintention to only raise cattle. However, these plans evolved, and he started to plant and grow coffee as well to diversify sources of income. Helder grew up on the farm and coffee is an integral part of his life and he inherited the farm from his father. Now Helga is recognising the need for improvement and moving forward working with Cocatrel Direct to improve practises and install new equipment such a static drying box and washing equipment to separate the quality of cherries harvested.

The Harvesting takes place mainly in the month of June where the coffee is machine harvested before being separated in the washing equipment into into underripe, ripe and over ripe cherry (ones that have started to dry on the tree). From here then it is selected which process the cherry shall be used for and placed in separate locations on the patio’s to dry for around 10 -14 days. Once the coffee is dried down to 12% it can then be hulled and rested before being delivered the coop.