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970 - 1200 masl




Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais


Mundo Novo & Bourbon


André Sanchez


May - Sept


August - February

Located in the in the unique volcanic terroir of Poços de Caldas, the Andre Sanchez Estate farms is perfectly situated to grow coffee in this mountainous region with altitudes ranging from 970 – 1250 masl. The farm sits on the periphery of the volcanic caldera (large old crater) which has a diameter of 31km and has a terroir and climate suited for producing specialty coffee with distinct profiles.

Andre Sanchez first came to the region in 1968 from Mogiana with a knowledge in crop production and acquired an abandoned coffee plantation named Boa Vista and set about in the renovation and rejuvenation of the farm. Now the Estate is managed and run by his grandsons André and João Paulo wo set up Volcano Origin Coffee to help promote the unique coffees from this region. The Estate is set over 250 Ha steep terroir where 400 people work and rely on the estate for an income. On the estate there is also a health centre, school & community school. Along with the rich knowledge of coffee production there is also a strong social and environmental awareness within the family.

 During Harvest the coffee is manually collected when the cherry reaches maturation. Once picked, the coffee is then laid out on patio’s and turned regularly until the coffee is dried down to 11%. The process lasts usually between 10 – 14 days. Once dried, it is then stored in wooden hoppers for 20 days to rest and equalise before being hulled and bagged ready for shipment.