Fazenda Esperanca


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1100 masl




Sul De Minas, Minas Gerais, Carmo, Carmo Da Cachoeira




Aurélio Felizali


July - Sept


Sept - Feb

Fazenda Esperanca, situated in Sul De Minas, has been owned by Aurélio Felizali since 1972 when he first purchased the farm. He comes from a family of coffee growers in the Tres Pontas region of Sul De Minas, so coffee has run through his family for generations. When he acquired the farm he decided that he wanted to change the traditional way that the family had harvested their coffee. This was questioned by his parents but the results he yielded were demonstrated by the quality he produced. Even today, he is always seeking the best way to improve his level of coffee production.

Aurélio employs 13 workers who help with the maintenance of the farm during the year and during the harvest. The farm can be 50% harvested by machine and the other 50% by hand, due to topographical lie of the land. The farm has a patio and mechanical drier for dealing with the volumes of coffee produced. During post-harvest production, the coffee is first laid on the patios for 7 days, being regularly turned until moisture levels reach 15%. From here, it is then transferred to a mechanical drier where it is dried over 3 days down to 11%.