Fazenda Esplendor


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1100 masl




Sul De Minas, Minas Gerais, Carmo, Carmo Da Cachoeira




Marcia Maria Sarto


July - Sept


Sept - Feb

Fazenda Esplendor has been with Marica Maria Sarto since 1992, after she had endeavoured to always own her own coffee farm with her family. At this time Marica had only a small amount of knowledge about producing coffee, but has since gone about teaching herself all about the art of coffee agronomy and managing the farm. With the help of her husband Adauto Sarto, they have achieved incredible standards at Esplendor and have been producing specialty grade coffee for several harvest seasons to date.

The farm has a team of 14 employees who work during the year, tending to pruning, fertilizing, cleaning and harvesting the crop. Due to the farm being sat on a plateau, they can harvest 60 hectares with a mechanical harvester. To ensure the crop is treated with care and to help select the ripest cherries, they set the harvester to a lower vibration speed. This ensures that only the ripe cherry is selected, leaving the unripe on the tree, which they return to later in the harvest when ready.

Once harvested, the coffee is then placed in static boxes where it is dried with a combination of cold and warm air. The coffee is initially left in these boxes for 12 hours as a pre-fermentation with no airflow. After this, cold air is then blown through the cherry for 4 days. It is then switched to warm air, whereby the coffee is dried for a further 3 days, to a moisture content of 15%. For the final drying phase, the coffee is switched every 12 hours between warm and cold air until it reaches 11% moisture.