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1160 masl




Ilicinea, Sul De Minas, Minas Gerais


Topazio & Arara


Lucas Natanael Moreira


July to September


September to February

Situated on the border of Sul De Minas and the Cerrado sits the mountainous region of llicinea with farms rising from 1100 – 1350 masl before the land falls away into the expanse of the cerrado.  The area is made up of 6 communties. This beautiful area is blessed with a micro climate that provides conditions for producing unique and intriguing coffees. The regions soil is known as cambisolo where the rock is still turning to soil, this places its own unique stress on the plants and the maturation on the cherry. Prior the growers here really struggled with the winds that ravaged the crops, through inquisition and help they have put in systems and planted to trees to help minimise the effect of the wind. The region is still relatively new in terms of knowledge about it as coffees were previously sold under the names of other regions until recently. Now these farms are being recognised for the unique coffees they produce in relation to the region & Brazil and we are happy to bring them to the Uk for the first time.

Fazenda Estreito has been in the Moreira family for a number of years where they have usually sold coffee through the traditional local markets on the region. Lucas Moreira grew up on the farm on had known coffee his whole life before he left to go college and pursue a career away his parents’ industry. After finishing his studies in mechanical engineering Lucas returned to the farm for a short period and rediscovered his passion for coffee and decided that he wanted to stay and work there to help produce specialty coffee. The farm first sold coffee as specialty in 2016 and Lucas is continuing to look to improve this and build on the natural advantages the farm has. In the harvest the coffee is collected by hand and transported around the farm by a small tractor. The coffee is initially laid out to dry on the patio for 3 days before being transferred to a mechanical drier which is heated by wood for a further 4 -5 days.