Fazenda Salto


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1140 masl




Carmo da Cachoeira, Sul De Minas, Minas Gerais


Yellow Bourbon


Dr Fabio Araujo Reis


May - July


Sept - Feb

Fazenda Salto has been a family of coffee producer for many generations, Dr Fabio who is now retired from the medical profession is head of the family. His two sons Andre & Juca oversee the running of the farm. The farm has a staff of 35 employees many of which live and grew up on the farm and go on to work there when hey have finished school. The farm also has a small roastery which is run by Anita the daughter of Dr Fabio.

The coffee is harvested mechanically during the harvest and it is only the young new fresh plants that must be harvested manually not to damage the trees. The farm is well equipped large patios, 8 roational driers and 8 static boxes. In line with Brazilian law 20% of the farm is protected to help maintain teh natural environment.

We have selected one lot from the static boxes this year. Once harvested the coffee is then placed in static boxes where the coffee is dried with a combination of cold and warm air. The coffee is initially left in these boxes for 12 hours as a pre-fermentation with no airflow after this cold air is then blown through the cherry for 4 days. After this it is then switched to warm air where the coffee is dried for a further 3 days to 15%. For the final drying phase, the coffee is switched every 12 hours between warm & cold air until it reaches 11% moisture.