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850-1150 masl




Sul De Minas, Gerais


Red Catuai


Sandra Maria Mamoeda


May- Sept


Aug - Feb

Located in Mantiqueira de Minas, Sitio Paraguai is blessed with high altitudes and rich soils. The region is comprised of 7000 coffee growers with an annual output of 1 million bags: All coffees we can access.  In 2011, Serra De Mantiquiera became the first region to obtain the Geographical Indication seal for coffee, which indicates that coffees produced in this region have unique qualities and features that are essentially attributed to their origin.

Sandra Maria Mamoeda does not come from a family of coffee growers and has only been involved in coffee since 1999 when she returned from the city of Yokohama in Japan with her children. She arrived back during the harvest period and immediately fell in love with coffee and decided this was her and her families’ future. Initially, with help, she rented the land and then was able to gradually plant coffee but it was a struggle and improvements were slow due to a lack of capital and limited resources. Over time though, with support from friends and the determination to learn and improve, she has been able to produce better coffee harvest after harvest. Unfortunately, this year she suffered a fire in the farm which took some of her crop.

Now Sandra is part of the AMECAFE Women’s producer group who she met in 2017. This group is formed of 30 members who meet on a monthly basis to share knowledge and educate each other about coffee production. They want to empower each other and their families by improving the quality of their lives through coffee. This is the first time that Sandra has ever exported her coffee.

During the harvest her coffee is hand picked before being placed on the patios for between 7 – 10 days until the coffee reaches below 11% moisture. The coffee is turned every 2-3 hours during the day to ensure a even drying.