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1300 masl




San Rafael del Norte, Jinotega




Francisco Blandon


November - January


February - April

Francisco Alberto Blándon is a real talker. It is one of those farmers who can talk about coffee all day, every day. La Brellera is, together with his daughter, his treasure. Nevertheless, he did not become a coffee farmer because he wanted to; it was necessary to become one. In fact, before the war broke out, Francisco was studying to become a doctor. However, war changes everything. Although his career in medicine did certainly help during the war, he was not destined to become a doctor. Rather, the contrary, he says he was destined to marry with coffee - and never divorce. Since then 24 years have passed, in that time Francisco took 30 days off. Not per year, in total.

A lot has changed over these 24 years. Twenty years ago the quality of coffee didn't matter, coffee was coffee. Now the market has changed and one has to adapt to produce quality coffee in order to make this business profitable. This change his fueled Francisco's passion for different types of varieties. As a certified seed producer he knows all about it - hence, you can find many different varieties at La Brellera. However,a focus on quality isn't the only change. The climate also changes, which brings new challenges. It is a tricky new eco-system a farmer has to adapt to. Francisco excels in doing so.

Coffee has brought Francisco to many different places. He has worked as an agronomist for many large haciendas, and still does. From these big companies he has learned to treat a farm like a multinational company. Organization is key. But that is not only what makes his farm special, it is Francisco´s deep felt love for each cherry to makes his eyes shine. Another aspect Francisco deems to be essential is the fermentation process. His extensive knowledge about varieties extends to the wet-mill as well. A very thin line exist between under and over fermentation - this is hugely influenced by the variety and temperature. In fact, due to the colder climate of this harvest coffee need to ferment up to 24 hours.