Ihuamaca, San Ignacio


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1750-2000 masl


Washed (Organic)


Amazonas, Northern Peru


Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, Typica


Lima Coffee


Sept. - Oct



Whilst most of the lots we have on offer this year are from our own parchment buying supply chain, we continue to work with some quality focused cooperatives, in order to continue supporting producers we have worked with in the past and to offer organic certified lots.

Lima Coffee was founded in 2016 by Rony Lavan Guerrero and a number of other coffee producers in Jaen. Rony had previously worked in quality control with one of Peru’s largest exporters, and was very aware of the quality and potential some producers have, but saw those coffees get blended into large commercial lots. With this Rony decided to set up a cooperative with a different structure, he wanted to base the membership on cup quality. He knew of areas and producers in Cajamarca who have great quality and approached them to buy their best prepared coffees, with the aim of selling them as microlots to the US market. In most cases cooperatives are formed by a group of producers with the aim of exporting their coffee and the coffee in their region, but Rony’s model is entirely based on quality and those producers that are more focused on quality. 

This lot is a blend of day lots from various small holder producers in the Ihuamaca area of the San Ignacio province in Northern Peru. These day lots were purposefully blended together based on cup profile, one typical of the region, full of fruit, chocolate and a pronounced citric acidity. Producers in Northern Peru have their own hand pulping machine and fermentation tank where they process the coffee before drying it on their patio or raised beds in their farms. The main variety grown by these producers is Caturra, with some still growing Typica, Pache and Bourbon.