Illicinea Cliffs Microlots


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1100 – 1320 masl




Illicinea, Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais


Topazio, Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo




May - July


Sept - Feb

Situated on the border of Sul De Minas and the Cerrado sits the mountainous region of Illicinea with farms rising from 1100 – 1320 masl before the land falls away into the expanse of the cerrado.  The area is made up of 6 communties. This beautiful area is blessed with a micro climate that provides conditions for producing unique and intriguing coffees.

The region's soil is known as 'cambisolo' - where the rock is still turning to soil. This places its own unique stress on the plants and the maturation on the cherry. Previously, the grower’s here have also struggled with strong winds that ravaged their crops, but as a result of invention and research, they have put in systems and planted trees to help minimise the affect of the wind.

The area of Illicinea is still relatively new in terms of knowledge about it, as coffees were previously sold under the names of other regions until recently. Now these farms are being recognised for the unique coffees they produce, both in relation to the region and to Brazil in general. We are happy to bring them to the UK for the first time.

We have selected 5 farms from this region, ranging from as small as 7 Ha up to 50 ha, with the lots limited to between 11 – 28 bags. The lots are as follows:



  • Owner: Edelvanio Pereira
  • Altitude: 1210 masl
  • Size: 10 hectares
  • Variety: Yellow Catuai
  • Drying: Patio and mechanical drying - 10 days
  • 11 bags available

Sitio Grão preto is owned by Edelvanio Pereira who has worked in coffee in the Illicnea region for 32 years. He runs the farm with the help of his family and particularly his son in law, Zeliomar, who is passionate about coffee production and preparing the best coffees possible. On the farm, Edelvanio makes sure good agricultural practices are followed to take care of the environment and land. The farm sits right by the beautiful Illicnea Cliffs. During the harvest they employ 3 – 4 people for about a month to help with collection and post-harvest processes. Once the coffee is harvested by hand they then leave the coffee to dry in the sun on patio’s for up to 18 days, until a moisture of 11% is reached.

Notes -  Orange, caramel, almond & full bodied –   SCAA - 83.75




  • Owner: Jose Mauricio Cardoso
  • Altitude: 1200 masl
  • Size: 12 hectares
  • Variety: Mundo Novo
  • Drying: Patio - 17 days
  • 28 bags available

Fazenda Corrego Bonito has been with Jose since 1982 when he retired form being a truck driver to start life as a coffee farmer. He lives on the farm with his son Luis Fernando who came on board 5 years ago to help his father produce specialty grade coffee. The farm has one small house where they live, and they own one tractor that helps with the work on the farm. They are working with Cocatrel Direct to help improve their yield and quality of coffee. During harvest they collect the coffee by hand before leaving it to dry on patio’s in the natural sun for 17 days. Here it is then left to rest before being taken to be milled.

Notes - Stone fruits, toffee & chocolate with a full body. SCAA - 83.5




  • Owner: Angelica Franca
  • Altitude: 1205 masl
  • Size: 7 hectares
  • Variety: Yellow Catuai
  • Drying: Patio - 17 days
  • 14 bags available

Angelica is the second generation of her family whose history was in the production of cheeses before they moved into coffee. Angelica now runs the farm and does so with the upmost attention to produce the best specialty coffee possible. It is just a small farm with one small patio for drying and they also have a barn on the farm for their cattle. They need to rent equipment during the harvest to help with processing and cleaning. With help from Cocatrel Direct’s agronomists she can apply their expertise to the farm to maximise the potential from the harvest. The coffee is manually harvested by the family during the season before being patio dried for 17 days, during the 17 days the coffee is doubled in piles every 3 days as it loses moisture.

Notes - Clementine, panela & milk chocolate.   SCAA - 83.5



  • Owner: Hudson Vilela
  • Altitude: 1320 masl
  • Size: 8 hectares
  • Variety: Topazio
  • Drying: Static boxes for 9-11 days
  • 8 bags available

Alta Da Serra sits at the top of the Illicnea cliffs and has beautiful views across the southern tips of the Cerrado. Hudson has always worked on coffee farms and had always strived to one day own his own. He was lucky enough to acquire Alto Da Serra in and has since gone about making renovations and changes to the farm. Due to the position of the farm at the top of the cliffs the farm is subject to high winds so Hudson has planted numerous wind breaker trees to help protect the crop. During the harvest which is later in August due to the altitude the farm employs 8 pickers who help with the selective picking to get the ripest cherry. One of the major changes was the implementation of static boxes for drying the coffees allowing a more controlled and elongated fermentation and drying process. The coffee is picked and then placed in the boxes initially for 2 days with no air movement to act as a pre-fermentation. The coffee is then blown with cold air which comes from grating at the base of the box, this lasts 3- 4 days which helps to break the fermentation process and let the coffee rest. Then the coffee is switched to warm air for 3 days until the coffee reaches 15% moisture. From here the hot & cold air is alternated every 12 hours until the coffee reaches the desired 11%. Here it is then left to rest before being delivered to the mill. The drying fans for the boxes are powered by the parchment collected from milling the coffees.

Notes - Sweet, tropical, dried fruits, caramel, bright acidity.   SCAA – 85



  • Owner: Bruno Menali Oliveira
  • Altitude: 1200 masl
  • Size: 50 hectares
  • Variety: Yellow Catuai
  • Drying: Patio and mechanical drying - 10 days
  • 14 bags available

Fazenda Conquinsta was established in 1910 and has always been one of the main producers in the Illicinea region. Initially founded by Mr. Juca de Oliveira it is who was always challenging the way he grew coffee to improve and change. Now the farm is run by his great grandson Bruno Menali Oliveira who gave up his work as a lawyer to farm coffee.  Bruno is like his grandfather looking at ways to improve the quality of his post-harvest production as well as the education and working environment of his staff. They have 8 staff on the farm to help with the harvest and maintain the medium sized estate during the year. They are able to harvest 30% of the farm mechanically and the remaining 70% manually due to the geography. Once the coffee is harvested from the trees it is then laid out on patio’s in the natural sun for 7 days until it reaches 15% moisture. From here it is then transferred to a mechanical drier for 3 days until the desired 11 % moisture is reached.

Notes - Dried apricot, citrus, cherry, chocolte & caramel –   SCAA - 83.75