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1650 - 1800 masl






Caturra, Typica


Various Smallholders





Illimani is a colony located in the Yungas jungle in Bolivia’s eastern mountain range. The altitudes there reach 1800masl and the conditions are very humid and warm with a large diurnal temperature fluctuation, making it perfect for coffee production.

Most coffee farmers in Bolivia are small-scale with between one and seven hectares. Agrarian land reforms started in 1953, were families from the Altiplano were given land in the Yungus area and encouraged to cultivate citrus and coffee. After the agrarian land reforms in 1953 the Bolivian government encouraged people from the Altiplano and La Paz to move down to the tropical agricultural areas to farm coffee by giving them free parcels of land. Illimani was one of the settlements for people from the Altiplano, and therefore many of the coffee producers there are very small, having between 1 and 3 hectares. Although this lot is not organic certified it is produced without chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Producers in this area have mostly Caturra, with some still carrying old Typica. Originally, most of this area was planted with Typica, but due to this varieties' fragility, many producers lost their entire production after coffee leaf rust outbreaks, and now Caturra is preferred since it is slightly more robust than Typica.

Coffee cherry from most of the producers in the Illimani colony is delivered to the Buena Vista mill in Caranavi altogether, where it is processed and dried. This year the producer group decided that they would like to start producing natural processed coffees, since their washed coffee doesn’t always have the same level of complexity and quality as other colonies in the area and with processing they can get a completely different flavour profile, so this was the perfect way to add some complexity to the cup and get a higher percentage of their production into microlot quality coffee.



Dried on raised beds for 22 days.

Cup Score - 85.5

Cup Profile -  Cherry, peach yoghurt, vanilla. Sweet and syrupy.