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1850-2100 masl




Machakos County, Eastern Province


SL28 and SL34


Kaliluni Farmers Cooperative Society


November to January


April to June

About 80 kilometers south and west of the capitol of Nairobi, sits the Kaliluni Farmers Cooperative Society who were established in 1962. The factory receives cherry from the members around them ranging from 1850-2100 masl. In total there are about 1659 farmers who are part of the of the larger umbrella organisation, the Machakos Co-operative Union, along with around 28 other factories. The Union offers the societies access to education, farmer training and marketing to help them improve the quality of the coffees they produce.

Unlike most of the northern coffee producing regions in Kenya that harvest throughout the winter, the Kaliluni Factory harvest sees the majority of their harvest in the summer as part of the fly crop.

Cherry that is brought to the Kaliluni wet mill is pulped and fermented the same day and after 24 hours of fermentation the coffee is moved to soaking tanks. Once the coffee has been soaked it’s moved to the shaded, skin drying area where the coffee is pre-dried to wick away the water covering the beans and allow the coffee to rest and dry slowly before a more intense period of sun drying. After 24 hours of shade drying, the coffee is moved to drying beds in full sun where it dries for between 10 and 15 days weather depending.