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1649 masl


Fully Washed


Nyanza District, Southern Province


Red Bourbon


Co-operative Members


March - July


May - September

Kirezi Cooperative is located in the Nyanza District of the Southern Province of Rwanda. The altitude of the coffee grown in this area ranges from 1,550 to 1,700 masl. The station was established by just 6 cooperative members in 1996 but has now grown to 357 members in 2014. The coffee is entirely high quality bourbon which combines with the high altitude to produce beautiful complex flavours in the cup.

This station began with 6 cooperative members in 1996 and grew to 410 members in 2011. In the early years Kirezi produced only semi-washed coffee of low and inconsistent quality. However, in 2010, the members started to work with TechnoServe, an NGO focused on assisting farmers with technical support and quality improvement, which would command higher prices in the speciality coffee market. At this point, Kirezi began operating as a fully washed station and started to work with our sister company, The Rwanda Trading Company who were able to provide operating capital to support the farmers. Their efforts were recognised and rewarded by producing a lot that featured in the finalists of the Cup of Excellence.