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1800 masl




Vereda Alto Cañaveral, Antioquia


Colombia, Castillo




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Antioquia lying to the North West of Bogota is one of the biggest coffee producing Departments in Colombia with 94 of its 125 municipalities producing coffee showing the economic importance of coffee to the 6 million people who live there. For many years, it has been seen for mainly producing larger commercial lots of coffee without really been seen to have the potential to produce specialty grade coffee. The department like many of the regions in Colombia is dominated by The Andes creating dramatic mountains and valleys providing the high altitude and fertile soils to grow specialty coffee. We have partnered with Co-op Andes who are based in the town of Andes which lies to the south west of the Department. They are making huge strides to improve the quality of the coffee as well as looking to help encourage the next generation of coffee farmers in the region

With the help of Co-op Andes who have identified small holder’s farms with farms ranging from 1ha to 3ha with the potential to produce specialty grade coffee, we have been able to select these micro lots to bring to you. All the producers of these micro lots have benefited from the Delos Andes training programme, which has helped them to create composting systems, make regular soil analyses for targeted fertiliser application and to increase yield and quality. Many of the producers are small holder farmers, who inherited a few hectares of land which have been producing coffee for generations. The Co-op can help with education around problems such as drying, something which is pertinent to this region as they can experience high humidity and rain during the harvest/drying periods.

Within these Micro lots there are also several young Coffee Growers who are part of the New Generation of Coffee Growers Program run by Co-op Andes. These farmers are between 18-35 and there are currently 184 within this group receiving further training in areas such as administration, managerial decisions, economics, record keeping, environment, infrastructure and co-financing. The aim is to empower and encourage the next generation of coffee farmers by facilitating them with the tools to succeed and provide a sustainable and profitable future for themselves and their families.           

All producers who are associated with the Micro lot program will receive initial payments for their parchment on arrival relating to the quality they deliver. Once cupped the coffee will be highlighted and stored separately in the mill. When the coffee is sold the producers then receive a further 60% of the sale profits that the coffee is sold for. All Producers have access to the contracts and final sale prices of their coffees as well have access to exchange rates on the days of conversion into local currency for full transparency.