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1950 - 2000 masl




Uraga, Guji zone, Oromia


Red Bourbon


Layo Taraga Cooperative Members


January - February



The Layo Taraga Cooperative is situated in the Uraga district of Oromia, in the Guji zone, amongst some of Ethiopia's foremost areas of coffee growing territory. The coop has approximately 500 members, who farm shade grown garden coffees on plots approximately 1 hectare in size. Elevations in this region top out at around 2200 masl, making it one of the highest coffee growing regions in the country. It also benefits from fertile clay soil and annual rainfall of around 1500-2000 mm per year.

Layo Taraga is part of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU), established in 1999. One of the largest coffee unions in Ethiopia, as of 2014 the OCFCU served as the umbrella organisation for 240 cooperatives, representing approximately 250,000 coffee farmers. As one of the union's prized cooperatives, Layo Teraga has received finance for improvements in recent years, including a new McKinnon disc pulper, tiled fermentation tanks and storage sheds at the washing station.

During harvest season, farmer members deliver their freshly picked cherry to the washing station where it is sorted for under ripe, ripe and over ripe cherries, before being depulped. The coffee is then fermented underwater for between 8-12 hours, where the remaining mucilage is broken down by bacteria, promoting the refined, floral flavours we associate with this area. After this the coffee is washed in channels, soaked and then placed to dry on raised beds for 10 -14 days until 11% moisture is reached.