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1500 - 1750 masl




Rutsiro District, Mushonyi Sector, Kaguriro Cell


Red Bourbon


Cooperatively owned


March - July


May - September

Most people don’t realise that Rwanda has such a long history of producing Fully Washed coffee, albeit in much smaller volumes than it does today. Nkora was the very first washing station to open and operate in Rwanda in 1957, and processed 786 tons of cherry in 2016. Considerable improvements have been made to the station since then, too. For example, the mill is now powered by a nearby micro-hydro power station, meaning it is run on renewable energy. In addition, Nkora sustains, staffs and operates a 66 student preschool for the surrounding community that is entirely funded by proceeds from the washing station.

4,377 farmers deliver to the washing station, from a collection area with an altitude range between 1500 and 1750 masl. Processing is done using a 4 disc Mckinnon pulper, before the coffee is dry fermented for 12 hours. It is then wet soaked for 8 hours before being density graded using water channels. Finally, the coffee is dried on raised beds for approximately 15 days before being transported to the Rwanda Trading Company dry mill in Kigali for export.

We have 2 lots this year from Nkora:


FSC-911 - LOT 4303 

'Sweet orange, stone fruit and clove notes'

SCAA: 85.00


FSC-912 - LOT 4210 *SOLD OUT*

'Plum jam with orange and cacao'

SCAA: 85.25