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1550 - 1900 masl




Songwe and Mbeya, Southern Highlands


Bourbon and Typica


Tembo Coffee Company


June - July



In Southern Tanzania, smallholders own roughly 2 acres (less than a hectare) of farm land, on average. This means that based on a conservative estimate of yield per coffee tree (of around 1kg per season), a smallholder farmer in Mbeya Rural produces in the region of 3 MT of coffee cherry; or 380kg of exportable green. However, when talking specifically about Peaberry, this volume is a far lower number - amounting to only 38kg per season.
Options for where to sell this coffee has been a problem historically, especially because of the tiny volumes that smallholders have to sell. Farmers often sell to middle men or agents, who pay a one-off payment based on weight, with no premium or incentive based on quality. But our sister company in Tanzania - Tembo Coffee - is working at changing the way that smallholders access the specialty market, and helping to raise standards of both coffee quality and smallholder livelihoods throughout the Southern Highlands.
The Tembo Direct program services over 40 villages in the Mbeya Rural area, allowing every single farmer to be registered and deliver coffee to a strategically located buying post, regardless of the volume they produce. He or she is paid according to quality, receiving premiums for higher quality parchment, which is paid via mobile payment. All registered farmers are also part of a training program that not only gives them insight into good agricultural practices, but also educates them on the coffee market, transparency and on how to farm as a business. All family members are also registered, and encouraged to attend the trainings.
The PB Supreme is a blended or consolidated lot, sourced from small producers and a washing stations in the Mbeya region. All are top quality lots we have sourced via the Tembo Direct Program, that are too small to sell individually. The benefit of working this way on a case-by-case basis, as it creates a specialty market for producers, who may have otherwise sold their top quality coffees without a premium.
1 lot is from a producer group and washing station in the Songwe area. This producer group has been working with Tembo Coffee for the last 4 years, producing incredible quality and improving every single year.
2 lots are from Tembo Direct buying posts in the villages of Isansa and Iyula. Those villages are part of Tembo Direct program that counts over 40 villages in Southern Highlands in Tanzania.
The PB Supreme also features lots from Mshikamano, Thadeo and Kasto. The latter two of these producers are working with Falcon Specialty on larger lots, which we are currently offering in the AA/AB grade.