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1100 - 1200 masl




Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais


Catuai, Catucai, Mundo Novo


Sebastião Ovídio


May - September


August - Feb

Located in the in the unique volcanic terroir of Poços de Caldas, the Serra Azul Estate sits at altitudes ranging from 1100 – 1200 masl. The farm sits on the periphery of the volcanic caldera (crater) which has a diameter of 31km, lending a terroir and climate perfectly suited to producing specialty coffee with distinct profiles.

Sebastião Ovídio started his coffee production in 1979 with his wife Lucilene, where they started with only 3 hectares of coffee plantation. Over this period, they have worked very hard to increase their production with quality. In 2000, Sebastião realized a dream he had harboured for many years and bought a piece of coffee land that belonged to his grandfather 50 years before. He and Lucilene have now been growing coffee for 15 years on this land, steadily raising the qualities they produce and working hard to keep implementing new improvements.

Today, Serra Azul Estate produces around 320 bags of high quality coffees, handled by a family team composed of Sebastião, Lucilene and Sebastião's brother, José Carlos Reis.

During harvest, coffee is manually collected when the cherry reaches maturation. Once picked, the coffee is then pulped to remove the mucilage covering the bean, before being laid out on patios and turned regularly until the coffee is dried down to 11%. The process lasts usually between 10 – 14 days. Once dried, it is then stored in wooden hoppers for 20 days to rest and equalise before being hulled and bagged ready for shipment.